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Tax compliance and advisory
Jungjin LLC is committed to be a trustworthy business partner, creating value and ensuring the future of our client and the business by uncovering insights

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Member of our tax department specialized in areas such as corporate tax value added tax(tax), individual tax, tax planning, real estate and gift tax and etc.
Our tax professionals will provide optimal tax strategies for emerging risk factors related to tax. 
Maximizing tax efficiency is one of the essential elements for strategic decision making in today’s world.
Our practical approach combines with international perspective from multiple disciplines regards to tax related issues will deliver real value to our client’s businesses. 
Our team of specialists understands the demands of the tax authorities and is competent to provide advice for the possible tax benefits can be achieved

Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax
Tax advisory for corporate tax, value-added tax, local tax
Tax planning & Tax saving advisory regarding company formation, merger and acquisition, split-off, transfer and acquisition of business
Securities valuation under inheritance and gift tax
Corporate tax return and adjustment
Tax appeal and/or insubordination
Preliminary self-assessment for tax audit and investigation

Individual Income Tax

Individual Income Tax
Tax advisory for Individual tax return, value added tax, local tax
Individual tax planning & tax saving advisory
Tax return for individual income tax, capital gain tax and inheritance & gift tax

International Tax

International Tax
Tax examination on foreign capital inducement, joint venture, and wholly owned subsidiary
PE( permanent establishment ) tax
Transfer pricing
Withholding tax on the tax treaties