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Merger and Acqusition

Merger and Acqusition
Jungjin LLC is committed to be a trustworthy business partner, creating value and ensuring the future of our client and the business by uncovering insights

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As a big step forward to setting the stage of new business growth, M&A has been effective way for many firms in creating the future value. Jungjin LLC will provide Integrated Solution from start to end for successful M&A with strategic partners from various industries.


At Jungjin LLC, our M&A professionals bring together deep experience across disciplines and industry sectors and provide one of the highest quality M&A service. Our extensive knowledge and network allow us to provide precise and comparable analysis and understand every aspect of the deal to support both buy and sell side. Our M&A specialists help our clients to reach their key initiatives: optimizing the value of transactions
  • Sale of entity or operation division
  • Developing strategy for merger and acquisition
  • Developing strategy and plan for acquiring management right
  • LBO(Leveraged Buyout) and MBO(Management Buyout)


Jungjin LLC provides adequate business valuation based on the latest valuation model. Our precise model with in-depth industry knowledge helps our client to understand the value of every aspect of the businesses with independent expert opinion.
  • Essential Business evaluation focused on the economic value of business enterprises
  • Pricing analysis designed for divestitures of entity or operation division
  • Complex financial instruments structuring and valuation support related to M&A bidding
  • Value appraisal related to restructuring valuation of assets involved in tax disputes and transactions

Restructuring service

Restructuring service
Restructuring services need profound accord and considerations regarding all part of business structure such as sale, human resources, management and organization. Our restructuring professionals can provide an opportunity for businesses to stabilize and implement an optimal process of cost and operational effectiveness.
  • Liquidity and validity analysis and workout: support decision making for hence force loan strategy of financial institution based on liquidity risk and array analysis of insolvent entity
  • Business evaluation : Identifying major strength and weakness for management of insolvent entity
  • Loan risk evaluation : Objective and Independent evaluation related to insolvent entity’s capability of redemption of a debt
  • Collateral screening : Objective and Independent screening evaluation related to collateral asset and business

Transaction Due Diligence

Transaction Due Diligence
We collect, analyze and evaluate our client’s data regarding financial standing, business activities and legal information. Our analysis include dimensional factors of client’s business in the past and present, finance adjustment, market status, product, target customer, competiveness, asset management, cash flow, tax, human resources, accounting, information system. Our professionals conduct due diligence from the both point of view: seller and buyer.
  • Due diligence related to M&A, divestitures and sale of operation division
  • Due diligence related to investment, loan and capital
  • Due diligence designed for restructuring