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Vison, mission & values

Vison, mission & values
Jungjin LLC is committed to be a trustworthy business partner, creating value and ensuring the future of our client and the business by uncovering insights

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We carry our mission to provide excellent professional services maintaining the professional reputation with the highest levels of integrity in the purpose of fulfill essential role as a safeguard for establishing transparent and fair economic order

  1. Sincerity, Honesty, Professional due care, Confidentiality
    We are committed to be a trustworthy business partner to our clients adhering essential code of ethics for CPA and respecting our code of conduct: sincerity, honesty, professional due care, confidentiality
  2. Securing professional knowledge and talent
    To support our client being challenged to manage amid uncertain economic and business conditions, we have maintained solid human resource network system. Our skilled and diligent professionals with valuable longtime experience and competence of sustainable competitive edge present advantage for organizations operating in rapidly changing economy.
  3. Creating value and ensuring the future of clients and their business
    In the infinite competitive environment that only best survives, We are committed to creating value and sewing the future of our client and their business with striving ourselves to the highest level of professional service available to clients.